Monday, February 13, 2012

Hint #6 - Where we call home

Welcome back to our last hint!  Before I reveal today's hint, we wanted to remind you one last time to make sure you come back tomorrow for our big reveal and celebration!

We have been on the edge of our seats wanting to shout from the top of the hills to tell you who we are, but patience is a virtue :)  So instead, we have our last and final hint for you: where we call home.  These are the locations of the our company headquarters.  We hope it's a good enough hint for those on the fence about their answers!

Also, make sure to check our Facebook page HERE.  There might be something going on over there for the next few days ;)

See you back here tomorrow, February 14, for the blog hop and release party at 4:00 AM Texas time, 5:00 AM New Hampshire time, or 8:00 PM Queensland time ;)  

We promise that you won't want to miss it!


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